Kirk Palmer, Founder & Ceo — Using over 30 years of passion for the industry to guide decision-makers with instinct and ease.

Kirk founded the company with a desire to leverage his experience in department and specialty store retailing to help businesses make smart people decisions. Over the past three decades, he has successfully built the firm by hiring great people with industry experience, who embody the values of a successful KPAer: trust, integrity, credibility and “niceness.”  Known for his straightforward assessments on industry trends and talent issues, Kirk leads CEO searches and Best Talent Mapping Programs.

A one-time rock drummer with hair past his shoulders, Kirk is a voracious fan of the progressive rock genre and his office walls are lined with the album covers of prog-rock bands of the ’70s. He was recently able to fulfill a bucket list dream when he sat in on an intimate studio session with his idol, Steven Wilson. That led to Kirk executive producing an album – Jane Getter Premonition – featuring members of Steven’s band and other “rock-gods” in Kirk’s world.  Kirk still thinks he is a cool guy with long hair (and we are not going to burst his bubble).