Kimberley Partridge, Senior Associate

Kimberley Partridge offers years of industry experience in direct selling, retailing and marketing within the fashion sector. Her prior history in direct sales lends her a unique understanding of the importance of building and nurturing relationships, the power of connecting the right people to each other, and the business-building aptitude of entrepreneurial talent. Her marketing experience in this context lent her exposure to a wide variety of roles, including planning and allocation, merchants, retail managers, VP of stores and sales, as well as a comprehensive understanding of a variety of growth strategies.

Prior to joining Kirk Palmer Associates in 2010, Kimberley was with Calypso St. Barth as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations where she was responsible for creating the corporate strategy to build brand awareness. She also launched the company’s e-commerce site. Before her experience on the retail side of the business, she had a long career with The Carlisle Collection, a privately held direct selling company of women’s fashion. Kimberley rose through the ranks to become Vice President of the Children’s Division and eventually President of the European Division, living in London and overseeing all international sales.

Having always loved travel, Kimberley is also an avid reader of independent fiction and seeker of culture exposure and has developed a technique for finding the best writers across the globe. She combs international literary awards lists, finds authors who have been long-listed and takes her suggestions from there. She finds reading an exquisitely written international book is like taking an exotic trip to a faraway land.