Katie Fong, Engagement Director

Katie Fong gets into the details. Her deliberate and thoughtful approach to search reflects her aptitude for understanding how the finer points fit into the bigger picture. Katie digs in, taking time to really get to know the person behind the title and the story behind the career. She excels at assessing and relating to analytical talent and knows what a visionary looks like in a business-driven context.

Having started her career in executive search for private equity and financial services clients, Katie developed a taste for working behind the scenes of a business. Since joining Kirk Palmer Associates in 2010, she has become an expert in the “back end” of retail, specializing in assessing and recruiting top financial and operational talent.

A bi-coastal gal, Katie has roots in both Southern California and Philadelphia, PA and will gladly debate the merits of a Five Guys burger versus In-N-Out. She’s a perpetually recovering long-distance runner as well as a science fiction, literature, and politics devotee who has a compelling recommendation prepared for most television or film tastes.