Search done RIGHT
Our process is guided by a set of values that are central to who we are.  Each search becomes a customized experience as we apply our emotionally intelligent approach to provide unique solutions for clients.
RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN: We are passionate about people.
Never transactional in our approach, we focus on creating relationships that are lasting and mutually beneficial over time. We look beyond the needs of a single search and get to know our clients and candidates, offering advice and counsel that support long-term success for everyone.
INFORMED: We get it.
Every senior member of our recruiting team comes out of retail or fashion. Because of our collective years in the business, we provide deep industry insight and perspective during our search process. In addition, we have the knowledge and credibility within the candidate community to get the right talent to the table. Our trusted relationships give us access to unhindered references. We get the real deal on candidates, allowing you to make the right decision for your company.
GENUINE: We tell it like we see it.
When it comes to assessing talent and culture fit, we are committed to getting it right. We don't try to sell a client on a candidate. If at any moment during our assessment and referencing process we uncover something that will not benefit the either the client or the candidate, we bring it to light.
HAND'S ON: We are with you every step.
Our drive to please necessitates a high-touch, consultative approach. We're with our clients every step of the way. We guide you through the process, accessing and offering unvarnished insight on each candidate to help you make the right decisions.
TENACIOUS: We don't stop until our work is done.
We identify and qualify executives throughout the entire search process to continuously uncover the best talent. We exhaust every possibility to bring the right people to the table. When other firms might give up on a particular search, we don't take "no" for an answer. We maintain the same pace and level of investment until closure.
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